Frequently Asked Questions For Adult Drivers in Sherman, TX

At Texoma Driving School, we would be happy to answer any of your questions in person or over the phone. Below, you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Who needs to take adult driver's education?

Any adults between the ages of 18 and 24 who are applying for his or her first Texas driver's license must successfully complete an adult driver's education course. You must turn 18 before enrolling.

Our course is approved by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation, so signing up with us can be the first step toward getting your license.

What is the difference between a defensive driving course and an adult driver's education course?

The defensive driving course is used by current drivers who would like to lower their insurance premiums or address issues related to traffic tickets. If you would like to get your first driver's license and you are between the ages of 18 and 25, then you would need to take an adult driver's education course.

How long is your course?

Our online driving education course is six hours long. If you need to take a break, you can log out of the system and come back later.

What happens after I finish the course?

Within 7 to 15 business days, you will receive your driver's education certificate in the mail. This certificate is required when you apply for your Texas driver's license. You will also be required to bring identification documents, proof of your Social Security number, proof of your vehicle registration and liability insurance, proof of inspection and payment for the required fee. To complete the process of getting your license, you will need to take a driving test, but you will not have to take a written test.