Teen Driver's Education in Sherman, TX

Woman in a red car, Sherman, TX
Woman in a car, Sherman, TX
Teen girl Learning to Drive, Sherman, TX
Our School is Committed to teaching our students!
We serve Sherman, Denison, Howe, Bells, Tom Bean, Whitesboro, S&S, Pottsboro, Van Alstyne, Gunter and the surrounding areas.

Teen's Course Fees:

Full Driver's Ed Course

Classroom and In-Car Instruction

Permit testing and eye exam for permit are all done at Texoma Driving School.
Classroom Only (32 hours)
In-Car Only
There are thirty-two (32) required hours of classroom instruction. The classroom instruction phase shall be completed within the time lines stated in the contract and all 32 hours must be attended and successfully completed or made up. Only two (2) hours of scheduled classroom instruction are permitted per day.
  • Your teen must attend the first six (6) hours of classroom instruction before a learner's permit will be issued by DPS.
  • Seven (7) clock hours of in-car driving instruction and an additional seven (7) clock hours of in-car observation are required.
  • There is a maximum of five (5) hours of driver training activities per day. These activities include scheduled classroom, make-up classroom, behind-the-wheel-driving, and simulator training. A two-hour increment of behind-the-wheel instruction may be offered once during the behind-the-wheel phase of instruction for each student.
  • In-car driving and observation must be completed within the time lines stated in the contract.
Students will need to bring the following items with them when they come to the first day of class. These go to the Department of Public Safety for the students to be able to take their written tests for their Learner's Permit.
  1. Original copy of their Birth Certificate, or a certified copy
  2. Social Security Card (original)
  3. School Verification form from your school verifying you are currently enrolled and were in attendance of school 80 days in the fall or spring semester preceding the date of application. This requirement applies to persons under 18 years of age unless a high school diploma or its equivalent has been obtained. School Verification is a special form provided by your school. Home School students can pick up these forms at Texoma Driving School. G.E.D. students need to bring their Certificate of Completion or if they are still attending classes they can get one of the forms from Texoma Driving School to be completed by the G.E.D. School.
First week is classroom only for 2 hours a day. For the remaining 2 weeks, there is 2 hours of classroom and 2 hours of driving each day. The written test for the permit is taken on Friday of the first week.

2017 Driver's Education Schedule

January 2 - January 23
January 30 - February 20
February 27 - March 27
April 3 - April 24
May 1 - May 22
June 5 - June 26 - am & pm class
July 5 - July 26 - am & pm class
July 31 - August 21 & 22 - am & pm
September 4 - September 25
October 2 - October 23
October 30 - November 20
November 27 - December 18