Frequently Asked Questions For Parent-Taught Drivers in Sherman, TX

The Texas Department of Public Safety has created a program in which parents can play a leading role in teaching their children how to drive. Here is some more information about parent-taught driver's education.

What do parents need to do to enroll in this program?

You first need to apply to be eligible for the program. The application materials are provided by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulations. After you have been approved, you will receive an official packet in the mail from the TDLR, and you can start the online driving education course.

How do teens get a permit?

Teenagers ages 15 to 17 who are enrolled in this program can apply for their permit after they have completed the first unit of the online driving education course. Before receiving their permit, they need to submit the appropriate TDLR forms to the Texas Department of Public Safety office. This has to be done in person and with an accompanying parent or legal guardian. Then, teens need to take either a written permit test at the Department of Public Safety or an online permit exam.

Reach out to us with any additional questions regarding the parent-taught driver's education or the process of obtaining a Texas driver's license. One of our staff members at Texoma Driving School will be happy to answer them for you.